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The coolest car wash ever!

There’s a lot of super cheap car wash and auto detailing out there, and there are a lot of super expensive as well, and then there’s West Coast Wash! Experience the difference and we guarantee that you will not have your cars washed by anyone else. This is not just a “car wash”, it’s the West Coast Wash with the west coast vibe!


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the coolest car wash ever!

We are a group of highly passionate and motivated individuals set to disrupt the whole car wash and auto detailing industry by providing the best quality services in the market. We take pride in our workmanship and commitment to outshine all our competitors.


5318 kingsway burnaby, v5h 2e9

You know what they say, “Location, location, location, location!” Ain’t it true! West Coast Wash is the most strategically located car wash and auto detailing service in the whole of Canada. With a massive 24,000 sq.ft., it can pump out more cars than any other car wash out there.


We are only as good as what our customers say we are. We take pride in providing that “Wow!” effect to our customers. No other car wash in Canada takes care of customers the way we do and it shows on all of our reviews.


We’re very sociable. Just dropby the wash and have a cup of coffee or an ice cream cone, let’s chat and let us know what you need. Want to host an charity event, a car club meet ups, or a mini concert, let us know, we’d love to help you out!



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Convertibles, Coupes, 4 or 5 Seater Sedans with Trunks, Hatchbacks, Subcompact Crossover SUV or Wagon (length between 4,000mm to 4,399mm)


Extended Wheelbase Sedans (length over 5,000mm), Wagons (length over 4,400mm) & Crossovers SUV with 2 Row Seating (length between 4,400mm to 4,799mm)


SUVS & Crossovers with 3rd Row Seating (length over 4,800mm), Minivans, Large Pickup Trucks


Extended SUVs, Extended Minivans, 2500+ Heavy Duty Size Pick Up Trucks, Work Vans, Limousines, Sprinter (length over 5,600mm)