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Most minor dents can be repaired with the paintless dent repair (PDR) process by the dent repair experts at West Coast Wash. If you have a minor dent that is not too complex and we can access the area behind the dent, we can often massage out the dent. The beauty of PDR is that we do not need to add a body filler, repaint or disturb your vehicle’s factory paint. This process is also far less time consuming than the traditional dent repair process. The paintless dent repair process is a great way to restore your vehicle’s body panels at a fraction of the cost of a traditional dent repair.

However, because some dents are more complex and severe, they can cause other side effects like heavy scratching and cracking of the paint. When a dent occurs, the paint of your vehicle is stretched. If it is stretched beyond the elastic limit of the paint, the paint will crack. In this case, the dent will need to be repaired with the traditional dent repair process. The traditional dent repair process involves removing the paint on the vehicle, using a body filler and then prepping, priming and repainting the affected area. This is a costly process and can take a long time to repair.

How long does the Paintless Dent Repair process take?

The paintless dent repair process is quicker than a traditional dent repair, the dent repair experts at West Coast Wash can often repair your dents in a few hours or within the same day. The PDR process takes skill but is a quicker process than traditional dent repair as your vehicle’s factory paint is not disturbed.

What kind of dents can West Coast Wash repair?

West Coast Wash can repair most minor dents depending on the characteristics of the dent itself. Generally speaking, dents that are smaller than a dinner plate can be repaired as long as they are not too deep. If the dent is creased, the metal is twisted or the paint has been deeply scratched or cracked, the dent likely cannot be repaired with the paintless dent repair process. We also need to be able to access the area behind the dent to repair it. That being said, some areas cannot be repaired with PDR. Regardless, the West Coast Wash dent repair experts are happy to assess the dent and determine if they can repair it.

Some of the dents we can repair include:

  • Minor dents
  • Hail damage
  • Door dings
  • Dents from motor vehicle accidents
  • Dents from Sports accidents
  • Dents from environmental damage
  • Dents from shopping carts
  • Dents from automatic Car Washes

What type of vehicles can West Coast Wash Repair?

Almost every vehicle with alloy or aluminum body panels can be repaired with the PDR process by the dent repair experts at West Coast Wash. Given that most alloys and aluminums are pliable, have some flexibility and can be brought back to their original shape, they can be repaired by the paintless dent repair process by massaging out the dents. Materials that would not be able to be repaired by the paintless dent repair process are fibreglass and carbon fibre panels. These panels are unlikely to dent but have a tendency to crack or shatter as they do not have the same elasticity and flexibility as aluminum and alloy panels. These composite panels can sometimes be repaired with traditional auto body repair techniques but generally need to be replaced.

The Paintless Dent Repair Process for West Coast Wash Customers

At West Coast Wash, we go the extra mile to ensure having your dents repaired is as quick and painless as possible. We treat each and every customer’s vehicle like our own and ensure that we provide the best workmanship and quality with every repair that we complete. Typically, the dent repair process consists of a number of steps. The best way to do it is to bring your car to us and we can assess the dent and give you an estimate and book you for an appointment.

Being a car wash and detailing company ourselves will ensure that, not only are we able to repair your dent, we will also be able to wash and detail your car back to its original condition.

Paintless dent repair is an excellent option for fixing dents that haven’t blemished the vehicle’s finish. To complete this repair process, the technician uses customized tools to work out the dent from within the paneling. While not every dent can be fixed with this method, smaller ones regularly can be. Here are six reasons to choose paintless dent repair.

Compatibility with Modern Auto Paints

Advancements in industry technology have led to auto paints that are highly resistant to blemishing when a dent occurs. Paintless dent repair is a great fit for fixing such dents.

Affordable Repairs

When the painting process is bypassed, you can save a healthy chunk of change on labor and materials. The savings can make it worth it to finally get those little dents fixed that have been there for a while.

Get Your Car Back Sooner

Auto painting can take a fair amount of time to complete. When it’s not needed, you’ll be able to get back behind the wheel in significantly less time.

Great for Repairing Hail Damage

If your vehicle has been dented up during a hailstorm, then paintless dent repair is definitely worth considering as an option to return it to its pre-damage appearance.

Greener Repair Choice

When auto painting is skipped, the chemicals associated with the process will not get the chance to pollute the air or groundwater.

Increase Resale Value

If you're reselling your vehicle but it's all dented up, then potential buyers could be turned off, but with a flawless exterior, it's easier to ultimately get your asking price. This is the secret to getting higher resale value for your vehicle.

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